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From developing Member communication tools to promoting our industry to international news outlets, ABA drives the conversation for the baking industry.
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Telling the Baking Industry's Story

The baking industry has a great story and the American Bakers Association is here to tell it. Working with long-standing trade press partners to growing relationships with national and international press outlets, ABA amplifies the powerful work of our Members.

Media Inquiries and Outreach

The baking industry is a daily part of millions of consumers' lives. ABA is the go-to source for both hard news and features about the economy, sustainability, consumer trends, seasonal angles, legislation and regulatory affairs, and more. Agile and creative, ABA's communications team is a resource for powerful, visual stories that resonate with audiences.

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Trends Reports for Press

Members of the press have access to ABA's exclusive, industry-specific research on consumer trends, economic impact, and workforce studies. The reports are chock-full of data to help spur stories that connect with both the trade and consumers. Learn more about the baking industry's impacts here. We look forward to being in touch.

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The American Bakers Association (ABA) is the United States' largest, most established, and inclusive wholesale baking community. Our 350+ Member companies hail from six continents. They include the entire spectrum of the wholesale baking industry: bakers, suppliers, technology companies, industry consultants, and baking industry entrepreneurs.  

ABA Members benefit from a wide breadth of business services such as exclusive networking connections, federal and state advocacy, workforce development programs and resources, and industry trends research. 

Since 1897, ABA has protected our Members from costly government actions, built the talent pool of skilled workers with specialized training programs, and forged industry alignment by establishing a more receptive environment to grow the baking industry. ABA's Membership represents more than 350 companies with a combined 1200+ facilities.  

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