Research and Data

ABA's Members make the baked goods consumed by millions of people every day across the U.S. and world. The baking industry's impact on consumers, the economy, and the workforce cannot be understated.
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Essential to healthy families and a healthy economy

As one of the largest sectors of the food and beverage industry, bakers and suppliers have far-reaching, positive impacts from the national economy to individual households.

*NEW in 2022* Life Through the Lens of Bakery

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Consumer Trends

The American Bakers Association aims to bring an understanding of consumer perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors regarding the bakery category in various settings with multiple audiences. Members-only, industry-specific research collects and analyzes custom consumer data to help bakers and suppliers optimize production, marketing, merchandising, and branding decisions.

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Workforce Research

Member-exclusive studies and reports about workforce recruitment, retention, diversity equity and inclusion, and more help our Members understand the current and future landscape of employees. 

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Economic Impact

Bakers enrich America. The wholesale baking industry mixes tradition and innovation to feed the world and the economy - generating some major dough while employing nearly 800-thousand people in the United States. ABA's interactive map reveals the economic impact of baking in each Congressional district and state.  

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