Take Action

The American Bakers Association is the voice of the baking industry. With our Members' involvement, that voice becomes much louder. ABA facilitates and gives tools to Members so they can be heard.
bakers take action

When ABA Members rise up, lawmakers listen.

Members continue to step up their direct involvement in ABA's advocacy efforts. Because of that, the entire baking industry is even more effective moving top priorities over the finish line.

American Bakers Political Action Committee

As the political action committee (PAC) of grain-based foods, the American Bakers PAC promotes ABA Member company employees' involvement in the political process. The PAC offers members a forum to support candidates for U.S. Congress and the Executive Branch with the ultimate goal of electing public officials who are supportive of the wholesale baking industry.

American Bakers PAC

Grassroots Advocacy

The American Bakers Association provides Members with actionable information about the political process and digital tools to empower their direct involvement. Advocacy tools, and government and election resources empower ABA Members with data and analysis to help them be informed and engaged citizens.

rise to action

American Bakers Political Education Fund

The American Bakers Political Education Fund supports the grain industry’s efforts to build business coalitions, enable grassroots action, and empower political outreach and education. Member company voluntary resources support ABA's advocacy efforts.

Bakers Political Education Fund