International Baking Industry Exposition

Sep 17, 2022
9:00 AM
Las Vegas Convention Center
It's the Western Hemisphere’s largest baking industry trade show and the U.S. grain sector’s most important event. Held every three years, IBIE is a can't-miss gathering of the global baking industry.
ibie 2022

Bakery's Big Show

The International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) is a big show and it can be overwhelming for both attendees and exhibitors. 

As IBIE co-owner, the American Bakers Association has a unique perspective of the show and how Members can maximize their experience. We are a trusted partner for our membership to strategically navigate IBIE. 

Show exhibitors and attendees continue to recognize the necessity of tackling technological, educational, and business challenges in a unified setting.

Importantly, all of IBIE's proceeds are reinvested back into the industry through ABA. 

IBIE 2019 by the numbers

Baking industry professionals
International attendees
Participating countries

Membership Discount

ABA Members receive 25% off of attendee registration versus the Non-Member rate. Exclusive booth Discounts are available for ABA Allied Members.


Corporate meeting program with a personal meetings concierge

IBIE's corporate meeting program coupled with ABA Member's personal meetings concierge provides personalized assistance for business interactions and events held by Members at IBIE.



ABA is a key partner to the largest baking program in the world. At IBIE 2019, ABA contributed 16 sessions tackling the industry's most pressing issues.

Sweet Grass Kitchen IBIE

IBIE Booth Space

As co-owner of IBIE, ABA is able to offer Members early access to exhibit space sales. Contracts for ABA Members open months ahead of other exhibitors. Exhibitors are placed using a priority points system. Round 1 applications and deposits were due on May 17, 2021. The order in which applications are received does not impact priority points, place in line, or booth selection. 

IBIE booth sales open

Exclusive Booth Services

The ABA/BEMA booth is centrally located and provides Members with exclusive services including:

  • Private meeting space
  • Water and snacks
  • A resting place
  • ABA Member and staff engagement

History of IBIE

Since 1920, the largest baking exposition in the Western Hemisphere has taken the industry from the early days of the industrial age that laid the foundation for automation to the current digital era that’s transforming today’s technology a whole new level. Throughout the decades, a steady stream of invention that’s rooted in Old World tradition and inspired by ingenuity has redefined how baked goods are made and go to market on a global scale.

History of IBIE

A closer look at IBIE

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ABA at IBIE 2019
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