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2020 Election Analysis for the Baking Industry

Nov 19, 2020
1:00 PM
Virtual Event
In this American Bakers PAC and NextGenBaker invitation-only event, attendees will get an in-depth analysis of the 2020 elections from political experts.
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Exclusive expert-led question and answer event

Jim Ellis, Senior Political Analyst for the Business-Industry Political Action Committee (BIPAC), and Kelly Knowles, Vice President of Political and State Affairs for ABA lead the discussion on what Members should take away from Election Day. Do you want an insider analysis of what happened on Election Day and why? Do you want the opportunity to ask questions of the political experts and learn about ABA’s involvement in the campaign season? Then you should be at the table for this virtual event.

This event is exclusively for American Bakers PAC members and members of ABA's leadership training program NextGenBaker.

Kelly Knowles Jim Ellis

About Jim Ellis

A 35-year veteran of politics at the state and national levels, Jim Ellis analyzes electoral politics and reports upon trends, characteristics, and tendencies in American elections as the creator of the Ellis Insight publication and as Senior Political Analyst for the Business-Industry Political Action Committee (BIPAC).

About Kelly Knowles

Kelly Knowles oversees ABA’s political engagement programs including American Bakers PAC, the Political Action Committee of grain-based foods. Kelly also leads ABA’s state advocacy program and is responsible for providing targeted outreach to state legislatures and agencies on issues impacting the baking industry.

Elections Preview from ABA

The 2020 national election cycle has already proven highly complex, and it’s important to go beyond conventional analysis to understand how things might play out. Jim Ellis of BIPAC and ABA’s Lee Sanders and Kelly Knowles joined ABA's Bake to the Future podcast to break down what we can expect this November and what the results might mean for the baking industry. They discuss everything from top issues, the Presidential race, key House and Senate races, and how the pandemic is affecting the campaigns and voting.

Bake to the Future Podcast

About American Bakers PAC

The American Bakers PAC offers Members a forum to support candidates for U.S. Congress and the Executive Branch with the ultimate goal of electing public officials who are supportive of the wholesale baking industry.

American Bakers PAC

About NextGenBaker

NextGenBaker is dedicated to developing the industry's rising leaders. 300+ baker and supplier executives connect and learn, growing together in the program's core goals of professional development, public policy engagement, relationship building, and industry trends education.

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